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Yordan Kosotov

Composer, improviser, arranger, accordionist, pianist versatile musician, art director,Yordan Kostovshi was born in Kavadarci 1978, he have long ago dispensed with prejudice and have overcome the fear of normal creative communication in a global world. In his discography he have studio recorded 10 albums and other like guest musician. To categorize his music is difficult because it's influence from world music and same times chamber by classical middle age masters, and deeply with music from Macedonia state. Ensemble moderne was one of the project with Kostov start write music and find positive critics from New York music daily.After performing at Macedonian embassy in Paris continue to visit this city every year making new projects and concerts with musicians from around the world. Futures performing like guest in Istanbul music show on the national tv Turk, making music for shadow theatre and perform with them in São Paulo ( Brazil )and Chengdu ( China ) on world festivals for paapet and shadows festivals.